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Electrical Machine Laboratory
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Model : EML2750-415


· Modularized design providing the most flexible requirement of this experimental equipment.

· Each Module panel height compatible with DIN A4 standard.

· Using 4 mm safety sockets and stackable plugs.

· Each DC/AC power supply equipped with overload protection .

· Rotary machine and brake with over-heating protection.

· All the machines are mounted on a solid base with rubber shoe.

· Adopting microprocessor-based measuring instrument to provide high-accuracy measurement.

· Brake with constant speed/constant torque function, easy to operate.

· Drawing complete T/N curve.

· Connecting to PC, measuring and drawing characteristic curve available.

· Power 250W~400W-grade designed equipment suitable for learning the theory and characteristics of electrical machines courses.

· Standalone machine design equipped with two shaft ends and aluminum alloy base for coupling to other machines.

· Training panel uses 5 mm isolation bakelite, printed component symbol, value, and function, easy to connect.

· Fully protected system safe to connect various kind of machines.

· Providing powerful computer measuring software for saving graphic file, drawing and printing characteristic curves.